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EAR @ Further Confusion 2019 | FULL SET
EAR @ Arizona FurCon 2017 | FULL SET



DJEAR is creating Music, Mixes, and Comedy! | Patreon

Hi Guys! My name is DjEAR .In 15 years, I've DJ'd several conventions , hosted radio shows & podcasts, made plenty of music, jokes, and new friends along the way.

Sonic CD "The Madness" OC ReMix

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Here's your chance to proudly proclaim: "I'm with HIM" wherever you go! / I really have to give thanks to you for choosing to wear my adorable face. / It will remind me everyday that I can look out into a crowd of my friends, fans, and family - and know each one of you is there supporting me.

RedEDGE+ | Mirrors Edge in Minecraft (WiP)

Mirror's Edge in Minecraftofficial website dev.updates ABOUT Taking inspiration from Mirror's Edge and it's reboot Catalyst RedEDGE will pit you against other runners in an underground race through the sprawling City of Glass. This FORGE map is being designed for single multiplayer uses an...

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